13. The Value of Intentional Rhythms with Michelle Goff

Michelle Goff joins us today to chat about the value of intentional rhythms. Michelle shares self-care tips, strategies, and tools to manage time effectively. She also dives into her own personal story to create some breathing room in her own life. If you’re looking for actionable steps to manage your time through rhythms and routines, you’ll love today’s episode!

9. The Purpose of Hobbies with Holley Gerth

In this episode, Holley Gerth and Rachel chat about the importance of hobbies and how they relate to creating some breathing room. Holley shares her own method of exploring hobbies, and she offers ideas for those wanting to explore hobbies they might enjoy. Holley also shares some tools and strategies for creating some breathing room in our lives.

2. Slow Growth and Capacity with Mary Marantz

Today we welcome best-selling author Mary Marantz to discuss her book, “Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots” and what that really means. We’ll dive into personal capacity, why we take on too much, as well as tools and strategies to overcome feeling overwhelmed.

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