35. Win Over Worry with Keri Eichberger

Keri is the author of Win over Worry: Conquer What Shakes You and Soar with the One Who Overcomes. She continues to follow her calling to bring faith-filled encouragement to others around the world through her social media influence, devotionals, Faith Fueled podcast, and Christian nonfiction books.

Episode Highlights

  • What breathing room looks and feels like to Keri
  • Some of the factors Keri has found that keep us in a state of worry or anxiety about our tasks and schedules
  • Asking WHY to get to the root of our worries and fears
  • Keri’s suggestions to move us from worried to productive
  • Tools & strategies Keri has found to help manage her time and allow for some breathing room

Resources Mentioned

Connect with Keri

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