44. Created Worthy with Danielle Damrell

Danielle Damrell is a Life Story Coach who empowers and inspires others to believe we are all created worthy of a life of freedom and abundance. She has extensive experience in speaking, writing, and a variety of creative business services. 

Episode Highlights

  • What β€œbreathing room” looks and feels like for Danielle
  • Danielle shares her difficult story that led her to believe we are all created worthy
  • Tools for women who still struggle with knowing how to get from where they are to where they want to be, especially creative processing 
  • Some of the most common mental/emotional blocks Danielle has seen that keep women from actually engaging in creative processing
  • Tools and strategies Danielle has found to be most helpful to manage time and allow for some breathing room
  • Books and podcasts Danielle recommends

Resources Mentioned

Listen in as Danielle interviews Rachel on the Created Worthy Podcast

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