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Do you ever feel like you're drowning in overwhelm? Today's episode offers encouragement and support for the woman juggling everything. We'll cover ways we sometimes deal in times of stress, and what to do instead.
Today we welcome best-selling author Mary Marantz to discuss her book, "Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots" and what that really means. We'll dive into personal capacity, why we take on too much, as well as tools and strategies to overcome feeling overwhelmed.
Are you feeling overwhelmed with trying to do all the things and being in a constant state of hustle? Let's get real about productivity versus hustle! Today we're chatting about the differences, how to be more productive, and saying no to hustle culture.
If you feel like you are drowning in All The Things and often feel completely overwhelmed, you're in the right place! Listen to the Create Some Breathing Room Podcast.
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