Proactive Leadership with Bethany Rees

Want to hear the full conversation with Bethany about proactive leadership? CLICK HERE to listen to this content in Episode 34 of the Create Some Breathing Room podcast!

Bethany Rees is a transformational voice in developing proactive leaders at work and at home. With 18 years in public education as a teacher and administrator, she has been there, gone through that, and bought the t-shirt.

She truly has the heart of a teacher to equip and empower parents and professionals which is why she is sharing those tough lessons learned through her Rocks Before Sand blog, Leadership on the Rocks podcast, online courses, and coaching platforms.

Bethany is a lover of Jesus, wife, mom, educator, entrepreneur, and CEO, so she knows what it takes to lead teams, organizations, and a busy family.

Episode Highlights

  • What breathing room looks/feels like to Bethany
  • How intentional planning factors into being productive vs being busy
  • Finding a work/life “harmony” instead of trying to balance everything
  • Tools & strategies Bethany has found to be most helpful to manage her time and allow for some breathing room
  • Bethany’s book recommendations for proactive leadership

Bethany’s Book and Podcast Recommendations

Connect with Bethany

Follow Bethany on Instagram and LinkedIn for more tips on proactive leadership, and be sure to check out her Facebook pages for Leadership on the Rocks and Rocks Before Sand. You can hear more of her wit and wisdom on her podcast, Leadership on the Rocks.

For more information about living life built on the “essential rocks,” visit her Rocks Before Sand website. Check out Bethany’s Leadership Development Courses, Coaching, & Corporate Trainings at her Leadership on the Rocks website.

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