Why I’m Taking a Sabbatical

Person taking a Sabbatical for their mental and physical health.

Want to hear the full episode about why I’m taking a sabbatical? CLICK HERE to listen to this content in Episode 33 of the Create Some Breathing Room podcast!

Taking a sabbatical was not written anywhere in my 2023 planner! But I’ve always said I won’t ask you to do anything I haven’t done or I’m not willing to do myself. And while I do create breathing room in my daily life for the things that matter most, it’s just not enough for my current season of life. It’s time for me to focus more intentionally on my physical and mental health.

It’s time to practice what I preach!

If I’m going to encourage you to create breathing room in your life, then I need to lead by example. How can you trust me to help you if I don’t practice what I preach in my own life?

Woman resting for her mental and physical health.

I believe it is vital for each of us to take care of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. And I am going to do just that for myself.

Unfortunately, I have reached a critical point in my health that requires my undivided attention. I need to focus on medication management, healing practices, and building new habits.

All of this will require more breathing room in my daily schedule than I currently have. It really needs to be my main focus each day!

And because of this serious need to focus on my health, it is imperative that I pause on creating output for others so I have more time to receive input from God.

What will this Sabbatical look like?

My core mission is to help overwhelmed women create some breathing room in their lives! It goes against every fiber of my being to put those efforts aside. However, I have to hit the pause button on creating new content. This includes the podcast, the blog, and a book I was really hoping to get in your hands before 2024.

While I’m not creating new solo episodes for the podcast, there are several guest interviews that have been recorded but not shared yet! These will be released on the podcast every other week starting in January 2024.

Dark office while taking a sabbatical.

There is also a Renewal Retreat planned to take place in February 2024! Since I need this time of rest and connection as much as those who have joined the waitlist, I’m still moving forward with this event.

As of right now, there is no “end date” to this sabbatical because there’s no specific timeline for this path of healing. I do know that I have every intention of returning to the podcast, book writing, and the other aspects of this ministry. I’ll just be a healthier version of myself!

This is my season of pouring into myself so I can continue pouring into you.

Although I’m taking a sabbatical, I’m still here for you!

The current state of my health requires me to reprioritize how I’m spending my time. I am increasing the amount of breathing room in my life and focusing on healing rather than working on new resources and content. However, I still have plenty of resources available to help you! 

Catch up on any podcast episodes you might have missed! When you listen, please be sure to leave a review so others will know how much you’re enjoying it. Get excited about the amazing guest interviews that are coming your way as we move into 2024! There are some incredible episodes scheduled for this upcoming year.

Rachel D. Baker's Resources on a Laptop Screen

And make sure you take advantage of all the resources that are ready and waiting for you at racheldbaker.com. Helpful resources such as:

  • Coaching Services (these will be limited in number for a bit, but still available!)

This sabbatical might not have been planned, but I am excited to see how God will work during this intentional time. As I pray for God’s healing in my life, know that I’m continually praying for you, too.

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