41. Are You Sleepwalking Through Life?

Do you feel like you’re sleepwalking through life? We’re talking about living in your God-given purpose this month, and I want to reflect on what that looks like in a really practical way.

39. The Source of Empowerment with Becky Beresford

Becky Beresford is an author, speaker, and coach who loves encouraging God’s Daughters to embrace Christ as their source of empowerment through the truth found in the gospel. Don’t miss Becky’s first book with Moody Publishers, She Believed HE Could, So She Did.

37. Becoming a Joy Bringer with Season Bowers

Season Bowers is an author, speaker, podcast host, and joy bringer. With an abundance of energy and love for Jesus, she is passionate about bringing the good news of great joy to all people. Season and her husband live in Knoxville, TN, where they own a coffee shop. Even though she hates coffee, she loves to meet and serve people at Intrepid Nitro Coffee and Tea Bar.

35. Win Over Worry with Keri Eichberger

Keri is the author of Win over Worry: Conquer What Shakes You and Soar with the One Who Overcomes. She continues to follow her calling to bring faith-filled encouragement to others around the world through her social media influence, devotionals, Faith Fueled podcast, and Christian nonfiction books.

34. Proactive Leadership with Bethany Rees

Bethany Rees is a lover of Jesus, wife, mom, educator, entrepreneur, and CEO, so she knows what it takes to lead teams, organizations, and a busy family. She is a transformational voice in developing proactive leaders at work and at home.

33. Creating Breathing Room: Why I’m Taking a Sabbatical

Taking a sabbatical was not written anywhere in my 2023 planner! But I’ve always said I won’t ask you to do anything I haven’t done or I’m not willing to do myself. If I’m going to encourage you to create breathing room in your life, then I need to lead by example. Let’s talk about what that looks like in this season of life.

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