5 Tips to Keep Going and Never Give Up

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Once upon a time in what feels like another life, I produced videos for my YouTube channel that I created for online teachers. In February of 2020, I felt called to create a video that shared encouragement and practical tips for those who were struggling to keep going through really difficult and overwhelming times. 

After the release of that video, the world exploded. I was asked to speak at two virtual meetups for the online teaching company I worked with because, honestly, we are all searching for something positive to hold onto. We never imagined our daily vocabulary would include words like “worldwide pandemic” or “quarantine,” and it was really difficult to feel motivated when you’ve kept the same pajamas on for 3 or 4 (or 5) days in a row. 

We had wonderful conversations in those meetings, and people were able to share the things that help them stay positive and keep going each day. For today’s post, I want to share with you my top 5 tips to keep going and never give up.

  • Keep getting up. If you accomplish this each day, you have already succeeded.
  • Reach out. This is a brave thing to do, and I know you can muster up the courage to connect with someone when you are struggling. Contact family, a friend, a local church, a counselor, or a support group in your area. Especially now that the whole world has had to live the virtual connection life, there are so many options to connect with people!
  • List 5 Positive Things about YOU. That’s right – brag on yourself. God created you with strengths and skills that are specific to who you are, and they are worth remembering and celebrating! Even if you only do this once a week, it will lift your spirit.

Those are just a few suggestions that have helped me through the really hard times, and I am always looking for new resources and tools. I would love to hear from you – what helps you to keep going when life gets hard? 

This is the type of thing we share about and discuss in our private podcast community, and we would love to have you join us there! 

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