Reader Review: Soundtracks & Your New Playlist by Jon Acuff

Soundtracks and Your New Playlist by Jon Acuff are two books I give away more than any others! CLICK HERE to listen to this content in Episode 20 of the Create Some Breathing Room podcast!

Jon Acuff is one of my all-time favorite speakers, authors, and podcasters, so this is not the first or last time you’ll see his name on my site. Today’s Reader Review includes two of his most recent books: Soundtracks and Your New Playlist

Soundtracks by Jon Acuff

In this book, Jon addresses how we can change the stories we tell ourselves in our heads, aka “soundtracks,” in order to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Jon argues that we all have negative soundtracks playing in our heads, often based on past failures or fears about the future, and that these can hold us back from pursuing our goals and dreams.

Throughout the book, he offers practical strategies for rewiring our soundtracks, such as identifying the lies we tell ourselves and replacing them with more positive and empowering thoughts.

I love that Jon includes so many personal stories and anecdotes, which are often funny and relatable. This aspect makes it even more enjoyable as an audiobook!

The exercises and prompts he provides throughout the book to help readers identify and change their own soundtracks. I also love the chapter on “unsoundtracks,” which discusses the negative narratives we create about other people and how they can affect our relationships.

Some of My Favorite Quotes

  • “The stories we tell ourselves have a profound impact on how we experience the world.”
  • “You can’t control the thoughts that pop into your head, but you can control which ones you listen to.”
  • “The most important soundtrack you’ll ever change is the one in your own head.”

Your New Playlist by Jon, L.E., and McRae Acuff

After releasing Soundtracks, Jon received so many requests for a version of the content that teens and young adults could relate to that he decided to collaborate with his teen daughters, L.E. and McRae. BOOM! We got You’re New Playlist: The Student’s Guide to Tapping Into the Superpower of Mindset.

You can tell by the title alone that it’s a book that everyone wishes they had when they were growing up and figuring out how to do life!

Some of My Favorite Quotes

  • “Your emotions will follow the path of your attention.”
  • “If you’re not kind to you, it’s like hanging out with a jerk all day.”
  • “Enough isn’t a finish line, it’s a hamster wheel, and you never stop spinning if you chase it.”
  • “Be brave enough to be bad at something new.”

That last one is my current soundtrack, so please allow all the grace as I stumble through the rough patches of my new adventures. I’m being brave over here!

My Top 3 Takeaways 

Identify and rewire negative soundtracks. 2 Corinthians 10:5 says we take captive every thought, so this is something we are capable of doing! Both of these books offer strategies for identifying negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive ones. This can be particularly helpful if you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck in negative thought patterns that are holding you back. 

By intentionally rewiring your soundtracks, you can create a more positive and empowering inner dialogue that supports your goals.

Create a playlist of uplifting songs. “Your New Playlist” suggests creating a new playlist of positive and uplifting songs that can help change your mood and mindset. This can be helpful when you are feeling overwhelmed and need to boost your mood and energy levels. 

By intentionally choosing songs that inspire and motivate you, you can create a more positive and energizing environment for yourself.

Practice self-care (and remember it’s not selfish!). Both books emphasize the importance of self-care and taking care of our physical and mental health. This can include activities like exercise, meditation, or just getting outside in nature. 

When we are feeling overwhelmed, taking time for ourselves and practicing self-care can be a moment of breathing room we need, but it can also provide the mental clarity we need to create intentional breathing room in different ways. 

By prioritizing our own well-being, we can better manage our stress levels. We’re able to be more proactive instead of always feeling like we have to be reactive. 

The thoughts we allow to live rent-free in our heads have a huge impact on our well-being and daily life. Identify and rewire negative soundtracks. Create your own playlist of positive songs that make you feel good. Practice self-care (and remember it’s not selfish!).

Need to talk through what this can actually look like for you? I’ve got you covered. 

Exciting News!!!

Jon Acuff has a new book releasing on September 12, 2023! You can pre-order HERE (or just regular-order if that date has passed when you’re reading this). As an early reader and member of the All It Takes is a Goal launch team, I can confirm you do NOT want to miss it!!!

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