Breaking Down Big Tasks with Kristen Higdon

Want to listen to my conversation with Kristen about breaking down big tasks? CLICK HERE to listen to this content in Episode 22 of the Create Some Breathing Room podcast!

We are getting back to guest interviews this month as we discuss dealing with overwhelm, and y’all are blessed because I got to talk with Kristen Higdon! If you do not know Kristen, you are in for a treat. She is one of my favorite people on the planet.

Meet Kristen

Kristen Higdon is a former classroom teacher who specializes in reading. She dedicated 19 years of her life to helping kids in the classroom and went through All The Things that came with teaching during the pandemic! In this interview, you’ll get to hear her story and what that season was like for her as a dedicated teacher and as a mom to two kids who loved her job. 

At the time of our recording, Kristen was teaching online through the Outschool marketplace. We talked a little about what the transformation to online teaching looked like and where she’s headed next! 

Kristen also loves creating teaching resources, especially for third through fifth grade reading teachers, so they can bring the fun and creativity back into the classroom. If you are a teacher in need of fun and insanely creative resources, you need to check out Kristen’s shop! 

This woman embodies the name of her store – All That Teacher Sparkle. (Don’t you love that?!) She brings the sparkle, joy, fun, creativity, and basically all the things that I wish I had just a little bit more of back into the classroom. 

I know you will be blessed listening to Kristen’s journey as a teacher, mom, and woman dealing with All The Things. You’ll get to hear how she made it to the other side of the chaos, strategies she has put in place for breaking down big tasks, and how we’ve worked together to get her where she is now.

Key Topics We Discussed

Here’s a quick summary of what we talked about in Kristen’s interview:

  • What “breathing room” looks and feels like for Kristen
  • The struggle to get tasks done when they feel too big or overwhelming
  • The power of breaking down big tasks into manageable action steps
  • Tools & strategies Kristen has found to be most helpful to manage her time and allow for some breathing room (listed below!)

Resources That Have Helped Kristen

Make sure to listen to the full conversation, check out Kristen’s website & blog, and grab some amazing teacher resources in her shop!

I would love to hear from you: What was your favorite takeaway from this episode?

Some of the links I share are affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you go through them to make a purchase. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because I think they are amazing and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases!


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