The Power of Emotional Healing with Kristen Hallinan

Want to hear the full conversation with Kristen about the power of emotional healing? CLICK HERE to listen to this content in Episode 36 of the Create Some Breathing Room podcast!

Kristen Hallinan is a sought-after writer and speaker. She is passionate about helping women redeem the pain of their past and move towards a healthier and more hopeful future. On a mission to equip women and support families, Kristen previously worked as Director of Development for MOPS International. She enjoys working with teen moms, crisis pregnancy centers, and serving as a pre-marital mentor with her husband Shawn in Dallas, TX. 

Legacy Changer is Kristen’s debut book, and you can find her other writings in publications like Relevant Magazine and The Joyful Life. Laughing with and chasing after her four children helps burn off the calories she consumes of her favorite treat—homemade gluten free churros.

Episode Highlights

  • What “breathing room” looks & feels like for Kristen
  • Kristen shares her story and what led her to write Legacy Changer
  • How Kristen got intentional about her own healing and finding peace
  • What healing looked like for Kristen and how has it helped her and her family moving forward
  • Tools & strategies Kristen has found to be most helpful to manage time and allow for some breathing room

Kristen’s Book Recommendations

Connect with Kristen

Follow Kristen on Instagram for more tips and encouragement on the power of emotional healing. Be sure to check out the quiz, freebies, and resources for being a Legacy Changer on her website!  

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