The Truth About Living an Abundant Life with Samantha Semans

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We’re identifying the truth about living an abundant life with Samantha Semans, who is a wife, mother of four, podcaster, speaker, and founder of The Abundant Woman Collective. Sam is very familiar with juggling All The Things as a mom, business owner, and women’s ministry rockstar! Listen in as she shares with us about what that journey has looked like so far.

Episode Highlights

  • What breathing rooms looks and feels like for Sam
  • Sam shares her journey so far of juggling All The Things as a mom, business owner, and women’s ministry rockstar
  • What prompted Sam to found The Abundant Woman Collective and host a podcast with the same name
  • What “abundant living” means to Sam
  • Encouragement for the woman who feels like she is stuck or drowning in All The Things right now
  • Tools and strategies Sam has found to be most helpful to manage her time and allow for some breathing room
  • Sam’s book and podcast recommendations

Connect with Sam

Resources Mentioned

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