Giving Yourself Grace Through Seasons of Life

Full blog posts are on hold for the summer as I create some breathing room and spend more time with my family!

You can hear more about managing your priorities and giving yourself grace HERE in Episode 18 of the Create Some Breathing Room podcast.

Episode Highlights

  • What do you do when life gets in the way of the to-do list?
  • What it looks like to develop flexibility to monitor and adjust
  • Why it’s hard to have grace for ourselves (and how to get better at it!)
  • The value of reviewing & reflecting on our priorities
  • Where you can get support for this process

Resources Mentioned: Apply for The Breathing Room  

If you are looking for support with managing your priorities and giving yourself grace, The Breathing Room is a great place to connect with others for encouragement! The Breathing Room is a place where overwhelmed women who work from home can develop better habits of productivity and efficiency in order to:

  • create some breathing room in their lives, 
  • support & celebrate each other, 
  • push toward their goals together, 
  • and intentionally live their lives to the fullest. 

This Mastermind runs for 3 months, and each round of The Breathing Room has a limit of 10 available slots so everyone in the group can foster closer relationships through encouragement and accountability.

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Hi I’m Rachel!

I’m a lifelong teacher, writer, and speaker. I’m passionate about serving women who are overwhelmed with All The Things so they feel empowered to create some breathing room and live a more intentional life.Β 

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