29. Identity and Purpose with Chronic Pain and Illness

Living with chronic health issues is hard. And it’s not just the actual, physical illness or pain that makes it this way. There might even be some days when you don’t feel that bad, and you can get up and do All The Things – which feels amazing! But then there are enough days where you’re doing good to get from the bed to the couch. This inconsistency and lack of predictability can make it really hard to know who you are outside of the daily struggle of just doing life. Who are you as a person? What is your purpose if you can’t always know you’ll be useful or functional?

Episode Highlights

  • Get to know Rachel: her story of chronic illness and pain
  • Strategies to live with strength and resilience
  • The importance of showing yourself compassion
  • Taking time (and creating breathing room!) to explore your passions, interests, and values

Resources Mentioned

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