You're an Intentional Action Taker

The great news is that you know how to get things done, and you aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and get started. What an incredible superpower to have!

But sometimes perfectionism can creep in, and it can feel challenging to pivot from the original plan. I can absolutely relate to that feeling.

Read on for tips to feel less like you are drowning and more like the star character in your ideal, intentional life.

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3 Tips to Make the Most of Your God-given Superpower

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Give yourself the same measure of grace you would give to others.

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Ask for help when it all starts to feel heavy.

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Be honest when deciding how much you can get done in one day.

I promise it gets easier over time, and the journey is worth it!

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Hi, I’m Rachel!

I spend my days as a writer, speaker, and life coach. I’m also a lifelong teacher, wife, special needs mom, coffee addict, enneagram 2w3, and bookaholic. My passion is serving women who are overwhelmed with All The Things so they feel empowered to create some breathing room and live an intentional life.

My community is filled with women just like you! I hope you’ll take a moment to come follow me on Instagram and connect with other Intentional Action Takers.

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It’s time to create some breathing room in your life, so let’s do it together.

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