Reader Review: Hero on a Mission by Donald Miller

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The way Donald Miller talks about “story” and its impact on our lives has drastically changed not only the way I live my own life, but also how I view and try to support the lives of others. He has mastered this concept, and it shows in all of his books.

In Hero on a Mission, Miller takes us through the four main types of characters: the hero, the guide, the victim, and the villain. We can be each character at different times of our lives, and each has its own distinctive qualities.

The Main Characters

  • The Victim: the character who feels they have no way out. It’s likely we all fill this role at some point in our lives, but we don’t want to get stuck as a victim forever.
  • The Villain: the character who makes others small. No one wants to play this part, and it’s hard to admit when you’ve adopted this role.
  • The Guide: the character who helps the hero. Many women try to live as guides for others, especially as moms. 
  • The Hero: the character who faces their challenges and transforms. We always root for (and want to be) the hero of the story!

So here’s my question for you…

Who is filling the role of “hero” in your story? 

If you don’t feel like the hero of your own story, it’s time to take a closer look and identify how we can change that.

Quotes I Love

“To make a story happen, we have to get up everyday and ‘put something on the plot.’”

“Don’t think you have to transform before you live a great story. Live a great story and the story itself will transform you.”

Write Your Own Eulogy

Confession time: I love it when Donald Miller talks about the power of writing your own eulogy. I know it sounds a bit morbid, but stay with me! Looking at your life so far, reflect on what people would say about you versus what you want people to say about you. Are they the same?

This concept is the same when an author is creating the outline for a novel. What will be part of the story? Which characters will be included? What matters most to the hero, and will they reach their goal?

Quotes I Love

“If we don’t remind ourselves of who we want to be every day, distractions can steal our story.”

“God made you. Maybe He made you to live a story, not just watch other people live stories from deep in the cheap seats.”

Taking Action

One of my favorite things about this book is that we don’t just get a few helpful concepts. Miller has mastered the art of teaching the concepts while also providing practical tools to help us reach the desired outcome.

At the end of this book, you’ll find extra features like “My Life Plan,” which provides space to write out where you see yourself in one year, five years, and 10 years. He also includes pages from the Hero On A Mission Daily Planner in the book! If you really love this system, you can visit the referenced website and grab the free PDF to download and print, order the Hero on a Mission Guided Planner in book form, or purchase the Hero on a Mission Online Planner to use digitally.

The Bottom Line

“If we don’t have a clear definition of who we are, we will live out other people’s definitions of who we are.” 

This quote highlights the importance of understanding our own identity and purpose, which can only be achieved by creating space for ourselves to reflect and explore our passions.

Take a hot second to think it through – what role are you playing in the story of your life? And is that the role you want to be playing? 

I know it sounds morbid, but I encourage you to create some breathing room to write out your eulogy with the details you want included. What will it take to make it your reality? 

“…don’t get stuck trying to pick the right ambition… The only wrong answer is not to want anything.”

If this post left you feeling like there are some changes you want to make in your life, book a coffee chat. It’s totally free, and we can talk it through and see what your next best steps can be to make sure you’re living as the hero of your own story. 

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