Embracing Authenticity: How’s All That Working For Ya?

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The power of showing up authentically

I recently had a heart-to-heart with a dear friend who shared some wisdom that hit me right between the eyes. We were sharing our appreciation to one another for embracing authenticity, telling the truth in love, and not holding back. I confessed that I sometimes feel like I’m “too much” in the women’s ministry space, so I tend to pull back a bit and then I don’t feel like I’m being authentic. I worry about offending people, about my edges being too rough. She said, “Rachel, if you’re holding back, worrying about stepping on toes, you’re not fully showing up. The world needs YOUR voice, unfiltered, unapologetically YOU.” And you know what? She was right. 

Actually, this wasn’t even the first time someone said that to me. I apparently need to hear the same thing several times before it sinks in. I can think of 3 other women over the past 2 years who have given me very similar advice! They’ve each asked me a question along the lines of, “What does it look like for YOU to show up and tell the truth here?” 

I can think of several times (including this recent conversation with my friend!) when I was told something I’ve heard before, but THIS time it just hit me differently. THIS time it got through. I needed to hear it in THAT voice.

That gets me thinking… What if I could be that voice for you? The voice that cuts through the noise and resonates with your soul. 

What if I’ve been allowing my fear to block the message you’ve been waiting to hear?

Releasing the fear of offending others

Let’s talk about the notion of the “nice Christian ladies.” I don’t mean that in an ugly way, but there’s this idea that we need to tiptoe around, afraid of offending anyone. Here in the South, we don’t want to do anything that would cause the “nice Christian ladies” to clutch their pearls.

Sis, it’s time to break free from that fear. Living by faith doesn’t mean we need to sugarcoat the truth. Jesus wasn’t afraid to shake things up, and we shouldn’t be either.

I’m ditching the fear, and we’re shaking up the podcast. The new title is “How’s All That Working For Ya?” Yeah, it’s got a bit of sass, but this one question authentically conveys the genuine curiosity and compassion I feel for you.

We’re also cutting back on the frills and production time. As I look at the process for creating each podcast episode, I have to ask myself, “How’s all that working for ya?” The honest truth is that it’s just NOT, so I’m hoping you won’t mind if I save us all some time and money. 

I hope you’ll stick with me as I weed out the extra fluff of music, repetitive intros, and canned episode wrap-ups. Most people just skip through those parts anyway, right? 

The origin of the question

You might be wondering, where did this new title come from? Well, it’s the question I ask my coaching clients most often. It’s the question that leads to the biggest and best transformations in their lives. And guess what? It’s the question you might need right now. 

“How’s All That Working For Ya?” suggests the need for a moment of honest reflection, and that’s what we’re aiming for here. We need to create some breathing room for that reflection to happen in the first place.

Does this mean we’ll have a change in the message here? Not at all. We’re just turning up the volume on authenticity. We’ll still tackle the real issues, talk about the struggles, and yeah, we might throw in a little sass. 

But the core message remains the same: creating breathing room, setting healthy boundaries, and getting intentional with YOUR time guilt-free. I want every woman who is putting herself last to overcome the chaos of her life. It’s time to discover your worth and live out your calling.

So, buckle up, y’all, because things are about to get real. “How’s All That Working For Ya?” is not just a podcast title; it’s a challenge. A challenge to reassess, to be honest with yourself, and to take steps toward a life that truly works for YOU.

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Thanks for traveling with me on this journey!


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